High-resolution printers from Inc.jet provide a versatile, cost-effective and solid solution to meet the needs for variable data printing in a range of Vertical Form Fill Sealers (VFFS). Designed to be highly configurable, it allows for multiple print lanes to be coded without shuttling print heads or expensive laser systems. The unit can be integrated into almost any VFFS machine, regardless of seal type whether pillow, gusseted, block, or doy. Longitudinal and horizontal printing can also be accommodated with ease. With a small footprint, a modular design and with no moving parts to consider, Inc.jet print solutions give maximum uptimes with almost no maintenance and come with a true Lifetime Warranty on all parts.

Better Throughput

Although Inc.jet printers can print at line speeds of over 160m/min, this is not the major throughput enhancement. Instead, it is the ease with which the print system can be running in a matter of seconds with minimal user intervention, ensuring maximum productivity at all times.

  • Maximum uptime at all time
  • Be ready to print in seconds
  • Single button start

Smarter Solution

Utilizing industrial touch screen User Interfaces, the software has solid, dependable functionality with a proven ability to rapidly integrate into external systems. from databases to other equipment on the packaging line.

  • Seamless integration with FFS equipment
  • Simple print template design
  • Effective management and operational software

    More Cost Effective

    With TIJ based print heads from Inc.jet, you use only the ink you print. No overuse of ribbons in TTO print systems and messy and smelly CIJ printers venting solvents into your plant, and certainly significantly less expensive than complex Laser-based systems.

    • Reduced consumable costs
    • No maintenance costs
    • Longer time between changeover

    Cleaner to Use

    Unlike other print solutions such as CIJ and Thermal transfer (TTO), the iSP is inherently clean, utilizing HP based Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology. The ink is sealed within cartridges and is sprayed only when required.

    • Open frame design for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • HP based Thermal Inkjet technology keeps area mess-free
    • No VOC’s as part of the ink delivery system

    Lifetime Warranty

    A guarantee of reliability is what your business needs today. And a company to stand behind its words.  Inc.jet does just this by offering a genuine Lifetime Warranty on its hardware. If there is ever a problem, we will replace it free of charge for the Lifetime of that product, whether 1 year or 10 years from now.

    Pay less, Get More

    If you have used other print technologies, then you know how costly it can get. Why should you pay more when you can get better throughput, zero maintenance, simple installation and guaranteed performance with a Lifetime Warranty.

    For example, a complete system including industrial colour, touchscreens, print head assemblies, sensors and encoders can be obtained for a fraction of what you currently pay for.

    • Replacing CIJ—No shuttling heads, no mess, no smell.
    • Replacing TTO—No ribbons, no replacing of print heads
    • Replacing Laser—No hardware costs, no extraction systems